Spring Cleaning! 8 Tips To Organize Your Closet For Spring

Spring has definitely arrived (yay) and I for one am excited for the warmer weather, the possibility of Spring dresses, open toes and bare arms–can’t wait!  With the inevitable change of seasons always comes the opportunity to reinvent your look and do the annual purging and organizing of your wardrobe.  Not to mention the possibility of finding those one or two pieces that you forgot that you had tucked away between the heavy sweater coats and turtlenecks!  Shopping in your own closet– score!!

Chickwares as recently partnered with Olive Style, a personal stylist and wardrobe specialist, to bring you 8 tips to help organize and transform your closet and ultimately your look for Spring!  Olive Style is an Atlanta based company dedicated to assisting working, stylish women who have little time (or desire!) to shop or organize their wardrobe.  Working with a personal stylist is super easy and most of all fun, if you’ve ever considered it and you’re in the Atlanta area I’d recommend checking out Olive Style!  Stay tuned for more information about this company in later posts!


8 Tips For Organizing Your Closet For Spring!

  1. Organize your closet BEFORE you shop for new Spring pieces! The sad reality is that none of us have a bottomless closet, if you do I want to know you, and I n order to make room for all of the new Fabulous Spring fashions you want to purchase, you need to make room! As you focus on incorporating your new cooler Spring wares, take the time to organize your closet by style– i.e. all sleeveless tops together, all cropped pants together, separate jeans by style, etc. so that at a glance you can see what type of pieces you already have available to style. 
  2. Toss it! If you didn’t wear it last season, toss it! Take this age old piece of advice– if it’s been a year or more and you haven’t worn a piece what are the chances that you will EVER wear it?  Toss it!  Begin making room in your wardrobe and open yourself up to new style options by letting go of those older items!
  3. If an item is in need or repair or alteration– make a decision to take care of the fix immediately or toss it!  If an item goes back into the closet “for later” you will never take care of it, trust me I know!  
  4. Create more hanging space by incorporating slim or flocked hangers into your closet.  These slim hangers take up less space so they will help make tons more  room in your closet! I did this years ago and trust me, they do help!  I loved my fancy wood hangers but they weren’t practical for hanging all of the stuff I needed, the slimmer hangers were definitely they way to go!  You can find these hangers just about anywhere now– try Bed, Bath and Beyond, Target and even some discount stores!
  5. Don’t just throw items away, donate your worn but good condition items to local charities and organizations like Goodwill, Salvation Army, Dress For Success and many other local charitable organizations that help those in need.  If you are up for it, check out some of the online sites like Ebay, Poshmark or Tradesy to help sell your goodies!  More money, more shopping!  I’ve personally used Ebay a number of times and had good success. I’ve tried Tradesy, it was easy to get set up but had no success selling there. I have never tried Poshmark personally but have heard both positive and negative comments, I’d recommend you doing a bit of research first and decide what will work best for you!
  6. Grab a friend or two!  Make this daunting, tiring and potentially stressful task FUN!  Grab your girlfriend(s) (or boyfriend), whip up some cocktails and crank up the music!  Spring cleaning and purging is a great opportunity to work and play, play dress up that is–remember the scene in the Sex and the City when Carrie was cleaning out her closet and Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda were there to encourage and cheer on her efforts!
  7. Invest in clear plastic bins to help tame those smaller items that can be difficult to corral and keep tidy like wristlets/clutches, scarves, belts, etc.  The bins are see through so easy to see what’s inside and they are stackable so you can maximize space. The stackable bins work well for shoes also.   Try to keep as much as you can off the floor, that will help keep your space looking neat!  I have these bins, from The Container Store, available in couple different sizes to accommodate your shoes and small items!  
  8. Hire a professional!  Let a professional like the stylists at Olive Style do the heavy lifting for you.  Work with the team at Olive Style to assess your wardrobe and help you define a look that reflects your style and personality!  Olive Style can help you organize your closet space and help prepare your wardrobe for the coming season!  The process is super easy and zero stress, after all who wouldn’t enjoy a little help from a personal shopper!  

That’s it for my bit o’ Spring organizing wisdom. Nothing that I shared here was rocket science, but perhaps good reminders and motivation?!!  I know I need both at times!

Of course there are a ton more ideas out there for organizing so feel free to share how you prepare your closet for Spring, we’d love to hear from you!

For more information on Olive Style click on the link in the post or send us a message here!  

As always, thanks for reading and if you aren’t following us, please do!  


Check out Olive Style! 

Web: Olive Style Home

Instagram: Olivesocial

Pinterest:  Olive Style 

Happy Shopping!


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