6 Tips & Accessories For Your Next Meeting or Virtual Meet-Up

Many of us are now still working from home or attending the occasional virtual meet up to stay connected to our work as well as our family and friends. As a result Zoom, Skype and other video formats have become a way of life. Given this new normal, we all want to look our best and enjoy this new normal way of connecting as much as we can. We’ve pulled together a short list of tips and accessories that may not be necessities for a successful call, but can seriously amp up the enjoyment factor, enjoy!

1. Fun, yet Functional Notebooks

May seem old school, but “writing it down” is still very effective and sometimes necessary. If you need to write it down anyway, why not write down your important notes on some of the cutest paper around! Not to mention, keeping a notebook at your desk will help you stay more organized and avoid unsightly sticky notes all over your desk and space. We’ve highlighted a few adorable notebooks that will work perfectly! Grab one of these beauties while on your next call, and enjoy the necessity of taking notes, to-do list making and planning just a bit more!

2. Bling For Your Ears

While gorgeous earrings may not make your Zoom meeting more interesting they can certainly improve your mood while on the call! Let’s face it, most of us are all about the cute blouse and lip gloss and mascara on the top, ratty sweats or leggings on the bottom style of dressing these days! Dressing only the top half makes all the sense in the world AND is a huge time saver! Statement earrings are the just the right amount of “oomph” your top half needs!

3. Sassy & Mood Altering Mugs

Share more of your mood and personality with your friends or co-workers while enjoying your morning cup of joe. Mugs with funny images and sassy or engaging quotes are inexpensive ways to add more fun to any meeting, they make great gifts too! So many options available to choose from, these are some of our favorites!

4. Layered Necklaces

Nothing draws the eye up like a statement necklace or a group of beautiful necklaces. Layering necklaces are still a big trend, and so easy to pull off. Wearing layered necklaces as a complement to some of the beautiful summer dresses and tops available now is a definite win. A few tips to layering like a pro:

  • Mix up necklace lengths– very important
  • Stick to one metal for the best look, pick your fave and go with it
  • Wear at least three at a time for the most impact
  • Integrate different chain weights and types for interest : cable, link, rope, snake, etc.

5. Glam Hair Accessories

No brainer, huh?! Flair for your hair is an easy way to add pizzazz to your head-shots while on a call. Take a break from the ponytails and messy buns and try a beautiful headband to keep those strays at bay. Headbands are also great at hiding those grays until you can see your favorite hairstylist! Barrettes and clips are not just for kids, these sparkle pins and pearl accented clips are just the right touch for those of us “adulting”.

6. Personalize Your Background

Small thing, but add a little interest to your space with a custom or personalized background. If you own your own business try to take video meetings in a dedicated space, one that showcases your branding or your product. Situate yourself somewhere that help reinforce your vibe and brand, a comfortable familiar area will definitely help you be more relaxed and make you smile! For more corporate situations you can use the features in Zoom or Microsoft teams to set a more corporate friendly background to hide any distractions behind you. If you are using Zoom, go to settings and click the virtual backgrounds tab, there you can access all of the pre-installed backgrounds Zoom has available. Several sites also offer free downloadable backgrounds, the below are a few examples available free from Hallmark.com! You can also upload your own pictures to use for a more personal touch.

BTW, Did you know that Zoom also has a built in feature designed to make you look better? In the desktop app there is an option called “touch up my appearance” that will smooth your skin and provide some coverage to blemishes leaving you with a more camera-ready look. Enjoy ladies, you’re welcome!


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