August 1 is #NationalPlannerDay! A day for planner lovers worldwide to share and celebrate their personal love of planners and how planners impact and help make their lives more enjoyable and a bit less hectic. I am a #planner, it’s relaxing and so much fun! I love to write–I enjoy making lists, memory keeping and the idea of documenting daily inspiration. And as someone who has always enjoyed keeping a paper planner I noticed that planners and the act of using planners has made a comeback in a very big way over the last couple of years and I was beyond excited about it! So many journal and planner options, all so creative and beautiful! I’ll share a few of my favorites below.

The act of planning or simply writing things down can help ease anxiety and stress. It’s been documented that writing things down fosters better recall, when we write things down, we “trick” our brain into thinking we are actually doing the thing, like a practice run, which as one can expect with practice leads to better recall and we are more likely to accomplish or at least remember a task! Planning and list writing can lead to improved productivity and strengthen memory and recollection. I dare say, writing in a planner or journal makes you smarter! Disclaimer: not based on any scientific research I conducted, just my personal hope and opinion! LOL!

Paper planners allows you to be as creative and free as you want to be, something that for all their glory smartphones and apps can’t do. Today there are so many awesome accessories and accouterments to personalize and jazz up your planners– I have to say decorating and creating layouts is one of the best parts. Something satisfying about creating a beautiful #beforethepen layout that just begs you to plan! Functional planners may enjoy simple and straightforward bullet lists and tasks sheets, those who are more colorful and creative will enjoy all of the themed stickers and washi tape available to better express themselves and daily moods. The plethora of planning communities and “meet ups” available for planner lovers to join is equally amazing. These virtual communities are fun and engaging and allow like minded planners to get together and share their favorite layouts, creative tips and product recommendations.

I’ve already shared that I have a love of writing, there is no secret among folks who know me best know that I have a TON of journals and planners. It’s hard for me to pass up another “perfect” journal, LOL. I keep several journals and I use different planners for home and business. I also have a workout/health tracker planner, a planner to track my gardening to do’s and plans and I also keep a yearly memory keeper/scrapbook that holds photos, funny quotes from my kids that I want to remember, clippings, etc. It’s always a lot of fun to flip through the pages and recall fun family times and events documented in my book!

Below i’m sharing a few of the planners and journals I am using now–I did not receive compensation from the brands below for including the items below in this post, I truly enjoy using them and believe that if you are considering planning or daily journaling you will too!

My Personal Planner and Notebook Lineup:

Links to some of my favorite sites to purchase planners and accessories! From right to left:

  1. The Happy Planner Memory Keeper book and BIG and Classic planners: available from The Happy Planner, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby
  2. Hardcover and spiral journals and notebooks. Similar styles available here: Target, Chickwares, Hobby Lobby
  3. Papermate Flair. My pen of choice, these work great on all planner quality paper! Easy to find and inexpensive. I tend to purchase all of the color collections available! Target, Amazon

Thanks for following and visting my blog– hope to see you again soon–it’s National Planner Day and I have some planning to do!



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