Bag Review: Mark & Graham Elisabetta Slouch Handbag

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At Chickwares we LOVE bags, accessories and all things Fabulous!  Regularly we provide reviews of bags and other accessories to help keep you , the reviews may be of the latest “IT bag”, a recent Fabulous bag we came across or perhaps a poular trending accessory or style.  We aim to provide readers with useable and entertaining information. We hope you enjoy!

Today we are reviewing the Elisabetta Slouch Handbag from Mark Graham.  I picked this bag to review because I’ve been interested in the brand since my first purchase and was pleasantly pleased with this new bag and thought I’d share for others out there interested in purchasing or just discovering the brand.

MG_CrimsonLet me begin by saying that I did not receive my bag as a part of any promotional incentive.  This bag was purchased by me, for me :).   I’d been eyeing this particular bag for a while, I loved the style and the fact that I could get it monogrammed.  Every item offered from the brand can be personalized free with a monogram, if you are a lover of any and all things monogrammed like me, this is a big plus!

As I mentioned, I’d been eyeing the style for awhile, but held off from committing to the bag purchase because of the price.  The bag retails for $398, I was a bit leery handing over $400 for a bag that I couldn’t touch or feel from a brand I wasn’t so sure about.  I’d only previously purchased the M&G Boho Suede Zip Pouch (which I love) from the brand, so no first hand experience with their handbags.  I knew that it was possible to purchase a Tory Burch or a Marc Jacobs bag for example, brands whose quality I was very familiar with. I asked around and spoke to a few people who had purchased M&G leather bags which helped to put my mind at ease about the quality of the bags.  That being the case I knew that I still wanted to see if I could catch the bag on sale, I kept a watchful eye and finally my diligent stalking of the site paid off!  The bag in a color I wanted was finally on sale AND, I’d received a coupon from the brand for my birthday!  Happy Birthday to me!

I received the bag, wrapped and packaged so nicely that I almost didn’t want to open it!  The first thing I noticed was my monogram, loved it!  I immediately transferred my items to my new toy!  I was a bit surprised by the leather, I expected it to be less stiff, as per the description.  The bag was described as being slouchy, relaxed and unstructured,  this wasn’t the case in my opinion.  I felt that the bag had more structure which may or may not be a bad thing, just noting that the overall feel was not as described.  I did appreciate that the bag had two separate compartments, made organizing my goodies very easy.
The bag is large, measuring 10″ h x 15.25″ w x 8″.  Made in Italy.  Available in:  *Crimson, Black, Fog, Tangerine, *Squash, Navy, Kelly Green, *Teal and Cobalt.  *indicates color is currently on sale


  • 100% Italian Leather
  • Comfortable rolled leather straps
  • Inside zippered middle compartment and large zippered pocket
  • Bag is fully lined
  • Protective feet on bottom
  • Great size; could hold a small laptop, definitely holds an iPad comfortably
  • Good value, the bag retails for $398 however, I snagged mine, monogrammed for ~$265
  • Free monogramming (available free on any item)
  • Timely shipping; with monogram delivery took only about 5 business days


  • Retails for $398; I think $398 is a bit steep for a lesser known handbag brand; could easily find other styles by popular well-known brands
  • Leather felt a bit stiff
  • Bag is fully lined (pro), however the “natural” color of the lining was a bit disappointing, would have preferred a more tonal lining (which is available on other colors)
  • No closure; this didn’t bother me very much, but I know that this can be an important feature for some
  • Does not include a shoulder strap; I knew this prior to purchasing but after carrying the bag and an armful of groceries I realized I would have appreciated a shoulder strap.

Bag Scorecard
Looks:  8
Value:  7 (based on the regular price of the bag)
Functionality:  9
Extras:  9 (free monogramming & gift wrapping)
Overall Rating: 33/40; great looking, stylish bag for work or play

All in all the M&G Elisabetta Slouch is a great bag, it looks very polished and the monogramming gives it that something extra special!  I think anyone who owns this bag would be very satisfied with it.  Given the discounts I was able to take advantage of when I purchased mine made my deal even sweeter,  and I have no regrets, the Elisabetta is a nice  addition to my collection!  Select colors are now on sale, if you love this bag, don’t miss the opportunity to grab one at the discounted price!


What do you think–is the M&G Elisabetta Slouch Handbag the bag for you?  We’d love to know what you think!





**Bag images were pulled from the Mark & Graham Website

Mark & Graham is a brand under the Williams-Sonoma brand house offering jewelry, totes, leather goods, housewares and more.   Mark & Graham is relatively new to the handbag and accessory world, the brand launched in 2012.


28 thoughts on “Bag Review: Mark & Graham Elisabetta Slouch Handbag

    1. Hi Jennifer! I own a couple MG bags as do a few of friends. I’ve had a good experience with Mark & Graham. I don’t have any first hand knowledge of this bag but it looks gorgeous! The shape is definitely a fresher take on the totes that I’ve seen out there now. Love the pleated detail! Sorry we couldn’t be of more help. If you decide to get this bag we’d love to see what color you get and your personal thoughts on the bag for others who might be interested. There is a good deal happening now and free shipping. Thanks!


  1. Are these bags for sale in Europe? I don’t seem to find them on internet. Is the only place where I can buy it the ‘Mark and Graham’ website? Taxes and shipping to Belgium costs over 300$!!! That makes these bags way too expensive :-/


    1. Hi! I know that Mark & Graham ships to several countries internationally via Borderfree, I would imagine that Europe would be included in that list. I believe their bags are only available online through Mark & Graham, I don’t know of any Mark & Graham stores. You should check the site for more specific International shipping information. Thanks for visiting our blog, follow us and come back again!


  2. I have had my Elisabetta slouch bag for 3 years now, it was a Christmas present to myself. Paid full price for the navy color, I am very happy with the bag overall. The only drawback for me that it’s not very structured (stiff) at the bottom. When I carry it, it kind of does a half moon at the bottom while it’s on my arm. But other than that I am very happy with it. The leather is just as I imagined and I had been looking for something like this for about 2 years. The fact that it’s not name brand makes me even happier, I did not mind the price due to the fact that I use my bag for several years, I get good use out of it. I also purchased the white one with the bamboo handles, but have not used this one yet. I did not pay full price, I got it on sale at the beginning of 2017. Looking forward to sporting the white Elisabetta bamboo handle bag.


    1. Thanks for sharing your comments on your Mark & Graham bag! The Elisabetta bag with the bamboo handles is gorgeous! I was concerned that the bamboo handles might be uncomfortable once the bag was full. Once you have an opportunity to carry yours I’d love to know what you think about it! Hope you enjoy it! Thanks!


      1. Thanks for responding to my post. The Elisabetta bag with the bamboo handles, well I finally used it this weekend and I loved it. The handles were not uncomfortable at all, infact the handles are pretty thick and smooth with the normal nubs of bamboo, it’s not bad. The bottom of the bag seems to be more sturdy than my navy bag, so it holds up well. I will not be using this bag on a daily basis due to the fact that it’s white (my choice), but will be using it quite a bit this spring and summer. I love it!


    1. Hi,
      No, it is not very heavy in my opinion. It has a nice weight which of course you would want from an all leather bag but it’s not heavy. It holds a good amount of stuff so it can be if you fill it up, but generally speaking it’s not heavy. Thanks!


  3. This is literally the only M&G review I’ve been able to find online. Trying to find a review for their Brooklyn Buckle Bag. Anyone have experience?


  4. I received the every day tote for my birthday in February, I loved the bag and monogrammed initials. Unfortunately the quality of leather was shocking and the 4 corners looked worn and tatty after 3 weeks of light use. Customer service has been a nightmare to work with and I am still awaiting feedback from them for a resolution. I do not recommend them unfortunately. It’s a pity as their bags look great on the website as do their other products!


    1. Wow! Thanks so much for the feedback, great to hear different POVs and experiences. It’s unfortunate that you’ve had such a bad experience with the company/ brand, I hope you get to a resolution that you’re happy with. Best of luck with this situation. Thanks!!


    1. Hi! Unfortunately you just missed a sitewide 20% off that could have been used on the Elisabetta bamboo bag! I haven’t noted any recent markdowns on the bag itself. It is possible given the change in seasons that some of the original trend colors may be marked down to accommodate more Fall /Winter colors but I’m not 100% certain. If you don’t already follow the blog here, I post or comment on upcoming sales and promotions when I hear of them. There will definitely be another opportunity in th coming weeks to get a deal on that bag! Thanks for reaching out and good luck!


  5. There customer service is terrible . You send emails and they don’t answer . You call there 1-888 number and you get a music voicemail which says they are quite busy pleas hold and then finally a ring which no one ever answered. Though I loved their stuff and their bags, they lost me as a customer with their terrible customer service .


    1. Oh no! That is terrible, good customer service is so important. If you haven’t already you should be sure to post on their page the issue you experienced. Thankfully I’ve only had to contact them with a concern once before and it was resolved in that one phone call and I didn’t have to wait long at all. I do need to reach out to them now with a question on an order, i’ll be sure to share how it goes after the call! Thanks for the heads up!


  6. I’m curious, after having the Elisabetta bag for a year now, how has the bag held up. I’ve been eyeing the bag for a long time, but it’s price makes it an investment. I want something I can use for a long time, not something I’ll feel the need to replace in a year. I don’t mind a little wear and tear (I think that’s the beauty of leather, that it has its own personality over time) but I’ve had bad luck with other companies where the handles fray or become unattached from everyday use. What are your thoughts?


    1. Hi!
      My bag has held up wonderfully! In full disclosure however, I do not carry it everyday for extended periods at a time. I actually don’t carry any of my bags too frequently. It’s not due to any concerns with the quality but more so in general I like to switch up my bags regularly and also to avoid wearing them out so that they look great for as long as possible! I’ve carried it a fair amount of time and it still looks great in my opinion! I definitely think it would last you beyond a year with good care! Thanks for reading our blog and reaching out! Good luck!

      PS— If you do decide to get the bag wait for a sale! They have offered up to 25% off and free shipping!


      1. Thanks so much for the feedback. I think I will take the plunge the next time a good sale comes around. Cheers!


  7. Hello,
    I recently received my Two-toned tan and blue, monogrammed M&G Elisabetta Slouch but it’s so nicely wrapped that I haven’t worn it yet; although it was ordered by me for my September Birthday. I lo❤️ve that two-toned color, protective feet, and it appears very stylish; a great conversation piece for sure!


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