About Chickwares

Chickwares is the gifting brand delivering fabulous, on-trend curated collections of the most giftable home and office accessories, stationery, and apparel.  Our products echo our belief that women ROCK and deserve to be surrounded by pretty, fabulous things that deliver all the feels!We are a small, online boutique dedicated to delivering the best collections and assortments of giftable accessories, decor and apparel.  Items in our boutique are hand-picked specially for you Fabulous girls; we are committed to offering all THINGS that are PRETTY, FABULOUS and fun!

We are passionate about supporting other small businesses and entrepreneurs and as often as possible work directly with independent designers and other female business owners to deliver to you fabulous and unique gifts and accessories.  You can find us at trade shows, fairs and other events where we can meet other women entrepreneurs and grow our network and customer base. 

Chickwares is a labor of love and our contribution to this fabulous world of style, fun and fashion! Thank you for visiting and following our blog, and be sure to check out our retail store, www.chickwares.com, so happy to meet you!




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