The Hair Accessory of the Moment!

Do you have the must have accessory of the season yet?? Not sure exactly what that is? We’re here to help! Everyone who is anyone will be adorning their hair this season with some type of beaded, satiny, glitzy headband, barrette or tie in some way and we are definitely here for it! Who would have thought that something like a “headband” would be trending, but it did and it is! This trend actually took off last year and does not appear to be going anywhere soon! Can you say matching headband and earring prints? Yeah, I think it might be a thing. Admittedly since adulthood I have never been “a headband person”, usually because I enjoy wearing hats and after a day of the ponytail I tend to have a slight headache. So in my case, hair accouterments are limited to the black elastic I wore during workouts or errands, I know, glamorous right? Well, I spied a super fabulous leopard print HEADBAND sometime last year; in case you didn’t know, leopard print, gives me all the feels–the good ones. So, after laying my eyes on this little cutie, I had to have it and thus, gave headbands another try. I was definitely pleasantly surprised with the comfy fit and overall look! This was not my headbands of previous years; padded, lined, gorgeous print, great! I received several compliments immediately after I went out and a couple “where did you get your headband?” –winning! Seriously, I’ve definitely come around to the idea of hair accessories as a must-have, and will admit to owning 4 of these now. Not a huge collection, but there is definitely growth potential as the season progresses. I think these are a great way to complete a look and an easy way to express your personal style, not to mention they are awesome for those days when you want a bit more polished “messy bun”!

Note that this is not an introduction to headbands, just me sharing my experience with an accessory that you, like me, may have given up on or deemed more of a teen/tween accessory. Current styles are definitely more grown up and stylish and it is quite possible that we will see this item in a big way through the end of the year. There is a broad range of styles and price points to choose from. See below for a few of my favorite styles as well as a glimpse of what you can get at $15 vs. $50!

Be sure to visit Chickwares boutique, we have several fabric headband options available in fun prints as well as new hair clips and ties coming this first week of March!

What do you think about this ongoing trend? Would you try it? I say, if you haven’t, give them a shot, very low fashion investment and can provide the finishing touch to your look. If you’re wearing and loving the trend let us know –what’s your favorite style? Share a pic or leave us a note or two in the comments!

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